Union Scholarships

A variety of union scholarships are available to AFSCME members, their children, and grandchildren of RPEP (Retired Public Employees of Pennsylvania) members. Included are the following:

AFSCME/UNCF Union Scholars Program
College sophomores and juniors of color
meeting the United Negro College Fund's
eligibility requirements can compete for a 10-week summer organizing position, a stipend of up to $4,000, and an academic scholarship of up to $5,000.
Opens 10/1; closes 2/28.

Council 13 Annual Scholarship

Opens 3/1; closes 6/1

AFSCME Family Scholarship

Ten $2,000 annual scholarships to high school seniors for up to 4 years.

Closes 12/31

Jerry Clark Memorial Scholarship
Annual scholarships of $5,000 to 2 children of an AFSCME member; students must be a junior or senior majoring in social science. Closes 4/30; winner announced 8/1.

Floyd/Parisi Memorial Scholarships
Members enrolled in National Labor College may be eligible for Floyd Scholarship up to $2,000/year. Local union officers with substantial organizing responsibilities may qualify for $10,000 Parisi Scholarship. Opens 9/1; closes 11/15; winner announced 12/15.

Union Plus Scholarship Award
Annual awards from $500 to $4,000 to
members, their spouses and children who have
been accepted to college, community college
or trade school. Opens 9/1; closes 1/31;
winners announced 5/31.

Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Scholarship
Annual scholarships to affiliated union
members and their families who are (a)
graduating high school seniors, (b)
postsecondary students, or (c) attending
accredited institutions. Opens 12/1; closes
1/31; winners announced 4/1.

Union Plus National Labor College Scholarship
For working adults who want to pursue a
Bachelor of Arts degree while continuing their
trade union work.

More AFSCME Affiliated Scholarships

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