AFSCME License Plate Application


Application Directions

  1. Download Application
  2. Fill out Section A
  3. Sign the application, Section E
  4. Make check payable to ‘AFSCME Council 13’ in the amount of $40.
  5. Mail check and application to:

    AFSCME Council 13
    4031 Executive Park Drive
    Harrisburg, PA  17111-1507

  6. Please allow 6 – 8 weeks for delivery to your home.

More Information

  1. Fee:  Members pay the entire amount ($40, which includes a $9 donation to PAL) directly to AFSCME Council 13.
  2. Personalized Plates:  Plates can be personalized for an additional $112 fee (see Section D).
  3. Handicap Plates: Specialty plates cannot add a handicap insignia; however, the hanging placard will afford you the same privileges as the disability plate.
  4. Registration:  Do not let your registration lapse!  Renew your registration as normal.  Purchasing this plate does not automatically renew your registration.  You will not be paying twice by paying for this specialty plate as the $28 is the total fee for the plate and does not affect your registration. When your new plate arrives, it will have a new registration card with your expiration date. It does not matter where in the vehicle registration cycle that you get this plate.
  5. Timing: Since the plates are made in consecutive order as applications are submitted and are not pre-made, once PennDOT receives an application, it takes about 6-8 weeks for the plate to arrive in your mailbox.
  6. Membership: Members who drop out, leave employment, etc. must return their plates to PennDOT, fill out Form MV-44, and pay a fee of $11.00 for re-issue of a regular plate.
  7. Duplicates: No specialty plates will be duplicated if lost – you will need to reapply.  No fees will be refunded if applicant cancels request after order is placed.