AFSCME announces Next Wave 2018 program

What if you were told that there was a program you could join that could get you active and engaged in your local union and the political process? Would you be interested?

If so, Next Wave 2018 is for you!

Next Wave 2018 is an online engagement program for new and young AFSCME members who want to get active. No previous experience necessary. The mission is to get you engaged — at your worksite, in your community, in your local union. No matter how big or small, every action matters.

Here’s how it all works

Step 1: Sign up online

Step 2: Find events/actions

Step 3: Make it happen!

Step 4: Return to the website and report your activity to earn points

Step 5: Earn badges and other exciting incentives!


What happened to the old Next Wave program and the conferences?

We’re doing something different. You can still get information on the original Next Wave program by going to Plus, this new program is a lot more convenient for you to get involved. You’re welcome.

Is this really just for young people?

Low key: yes. High key: yes. We won’t turn you away, but we’ll know.

How much does this cost?

This program is absolutely free, a perk that comes with your AFSCME membership.

You said you’re going to reward me. What do I get?

Besides the feeling of righteous benevolence that comes with fighting for your rights, you’ll also get stickers, gold stars, shareable badges of honor you can show off online, and access to special content and opportunities.

How are you tracking what I’m doing? Are you stalking me?!

We are not in the business of stalking anyone. We don’t have time for that! In order to earn points, you will need to report to us once you participate in union events (no faxes, please). Once you’ve reported your activity online, we’ll be using several boring data systems to verify your attendance.

What if I don’t have email or use any social media?

WHO ARE YOU?? To be the future of the labor movement, you need technology.

Enough with the questions! Sometimes you just have to decide to give something a try.


Sign up at!