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Senate Bill 166 & 167

Posted on February 1, 2017

Senate Bills 166 and 167 are so-called “Paycheck Protection” bills, which can be more accurately described as “Paycheck Destruction” or “Paycheck Deception.” These bills would restrict the automatic deduction of union dues, fees and political contributions from all public employees’ paychecks. This is a targeted attack on public employees and union members, and is part of a broader agenda to weaken the voices of working people and their ability to collectively bargain. Automatic paycheck deductions cost the Commonwealth virtually nothing, and currently, Act 195 allows the issue of union dues deductions to be a subject of collective bargaining, it does not require it. When payroll deductions are agreed to by both Management and Labor, they must also agree to the terms of those deductions, whether it is for union dues, political contributions or fees. Since the 1970s, union dues deductions have been negotiated with Republican and Democratic administrations, and a part of every state and non-state Collective Bargaining Agreement.┬áSenate Bill 166 and Senate Bill 167 are pushes to prohibit public employees ONLY from using payroll deductions. No other group is being singled out. Groups like health insurance providers, charitable organizations, credit unions, and other financial institutions who take payroll deductions and use those monies to participate in the political or legislative process within the Commonwealth will still be permitted to do so.┬áSenate Bill 166 and Senate Bill 167 are nothing more than a way to silence YOUR voice, and the voices of all public employees and their rights to negotiate for fair wages, pensions and healthcare.