AFSCME Council 13 Scholarship winners announced

Congratulations to the 21 winners of the 2022 AFSCME Council 13 Scholarship Program!

$14,500 in scholarships were awarded to the children and grandchildren of Council 13 members and retirees. Each winner will receive $500 with four top scorers each receiving $1,500.

Students submitted essays exploring what labor unions can learn from the past and how they can benefit from the shifting modern landscape to help bring about a resurgence of the unionized American middle class. Winners were chosen by a Selection Committee comprised of knowledgeable, exemplary individuals. Selections are final and binding and are not subject to appeal.

Winners and their member affiliations are as follows:

District Council 83

Daniel Conn (William L. Conn, Jr. – Local 2246)*
Cory Johnson (Eric Johnson – Local 211)*
Matthew Bowser (Michael L. Bowser – Local 1982)
Mallory Bowser (Michael L. Bowser – Local 1982)
Adam Mason (Vicki Mason – Local 691)
Megan Dietz (Michael G. Dietz – Local 211)

District Council 84

Jared Chantz (Bill Schollaert – Local 757)
Nathan Sutton (Reuben Sutton – Local 2249)
Julia Ammon (Cathy Ammon – Local 2622)
Sherry Correll (John Correll – Local 2107

District Council 85

Stone Helsel (Shelly Helsel – Local 2102)*

District Council 87

Abigail Kreig (John Kreig – Local 2736)
Kylee Gyuriska (Kelly Koester – Local 2370)
Kevin D. Caffrey (Edward J. Caffrey – Local 2453)

District Council 88

Elizabeth Gribschaw (Jason Harvey – Local 2455)*
Katrina Mulherin (Michelle Mulherin – Retirees Sub-Chapter 8809)
Grace Watson (Shannon Walsh – Local 2345)
Tyhiana Tomlin (Tyrone Tomlin – Local 2159)
Jacob Mohring (Andrew Mohring – Local 2455)

District Council 89

Mauree Sawyers (Lashona Williams – Local 2245)

District Council 90

Jonathan H. Park (Eun Kyeong Park – Local 2534)

*Received $1,500 reward

Congratulations to the winners and best of luck in your academic and professional journeys!

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