Council 13 Scholarship winners announced

Congratulations to the 22 winners of the 2020 AFSCME Council 13 Scholarship Program!

$15,000 in scholarships were awarded to the children and grandchildren of Council 13 members and retirees from each district council. Each winner will receive $500 with four top scorers each receiving $1,500.

Students submitted essays discussing the benefits of union membership beyond contractually negotiated provisions and what organized labor can do to expand these benefits. Winners were chosen by a Selection Committee comprised of knowledgeable, exemplary individuals. Selections are final and binding and are not subject to appeal.

Winners and their member affiliations are as follows:

District Council 83

Mallory Bowser (Michael L. Bowser – Local 1982)
Donald Brothers (Donna Frick – Local 630)
Alaina Leasure (Vernon Leasure – Local 763)
Haley Nicole Bicko (Richard A. Bicko – Local 2365)
Ryan Putt (Leroy Putt – Local 2541)

District Council 84

Jordan Jiles (Anthony Jiles – Local 2266)
Nicholas Ammon (Cathy Ammon – Local 2622)
Julia Ammon (Cathy Ammon – Local 2622)
Nyaira Arrington (John Moriarty – Local 297)

District Council 85

Stone Robert Helsel (Shelly Lee Helsel – Local 2102)*
Kimberly Reisinger (Pamela Reisinger – Local 2101)
Sara Altieri (John Howard Thompson – Local 2902)

District Council 86

Sydnee White (Jason White – Local 3893)
Olivia Klinepeter (Steven Klinepeter – Local 2139)

District Council 87

Teddy Mostellar (Robert Mostellar – Local 2150)*

District Council 88

Katrina Mulherin (Michelle Mulherin – Retirees Sub-Chapter 8809)*
Jacqueline Scoboria (Joseph Scoboria Sr. – Local 462)*
Meghan Chasar (Jeanne Chasar – Local 2455)

District Council 89

Kayley Brookes (Steven Breach – Local 1981)
Smaran Teru (Vijay Teru – Local 1981)

District Council 90

Laurel Unger (Robert Zimmerman – Retirees Sub-Chapter 9001)
Deovion Yates (Dawn Yates – Local 2534)

*Received $1,500 reward

Congratulations and best of luck in your academic journey!

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