Council 13 thanks the everyday heroes in corrections and healthcare

This week, we honor some of the most vital and dedicated members of the workforce, nurses and correctional officers.

National Nurses Week is May 6-12, and National Correctional Officers & Employees Week is May 7-13. While they may honor different lines of work, they are both about respecting the extraordinary tasks these professionals perform and assuring they have dignity on those difficult jobs.

Clockwise starting at the top-left: Maureen Montero of Local 1850 Erie, PA (Select Specialty Hospital), Brian Brown of Local 3555 (Cumberland County Prison), Kristie Kennett of Local 3504 Carlisle, PA (Claremont Nursing Home) and Bill Jones of Local 1738 (Lancaster County Prison).

Council 13 is proud to represent thousands of nurses and correctional employees all over Pennsylvania, and stands on the front line of the battle for fair pay, higher safety standards and adequate staffing.

“We recently honored the ‘heroes among us’ at the Council 13 Convention, because all AFSCME members provide vital services to their communities. This week is about honoring the everyday heroes in the correctional and healthcare fields. They are very challenging professions that require exceptional individuals, and the level of commitment and sacrifice from the AFSCME members who perform those jobs is remarkable,” Council 13 Executive Director David Fillman said.

This week, and year-round, Council 13 thanks the correctional officers, correctional employees and nurses within the AFSCME family and beyond, for doing some of the most challenging jobs in the world and being true heroes within our communities.