Discount 2024 Hersheypark tickets available for Council 13 members

Members of AFSCME Council 13 are eligible for nearly half off their Hersheypark tickets during the 2024 season!

Union members can purchase physical Hersheypark tickets for just $45.95 – a savings of $41.85!

To obtain your tickets, call the Member Resource Center at 1-800-5-AFSCME.

Members can also purchase E-Tickets at a considerable discount. See details below.

Log in to MemberLink to access these and all the Discounts available to AFSCME members!

Download Hersheypark discount flyer here!

Hersheypark 2024 Season Prices

Hard tickets from AFSCME Council 13:
$45.95 ($41.85 savings)
To redeem: 1-800-523-7263

Please allow 7-10 business days to receive your tickets in the mail.
Tickets cannot be mailed overnight. Tickets cannot be picked up in person.
Tickets valid through 1/1/25.
Park website:

Regular (All Ages, purchase before 5/31/24, prices beginning 6/1/24 are variable rates, valid through 1/1/25): $49.99 ($36.96 savings)

All admission tickets include a $0.85 per ticket/per day amusement tax.
Tickets purchased online are subject to a $2.99 per item processing fee.