Lawmakers must address parolee issue with input from employees

Harrisburg, PA (August 8, 2019) – AFSCME Council 13 is proud to represent those working to keep our communities safe in Pennsylvania’s correctional system, including correctional officers, probation officers and parole agents.

A recent string of six murders allegedly committed by five different Pennsylvania parolees over the past two months has raised the concerns of the Department of Corrections (DOC) and those who work within it.

The DOC has announced that they are performing an internal review of this issue, but it is becoming clear that stronger action is necessary.

“The system is clearly broken and is not only a risk to the safety of parole agents, but to the safety of the general public as well,” said Darrin Spann, Assistant to the Executive Director for AFSCME Council 13.

“The internal process of the DOC is not adequate. Lawmakers need to look into changing how parole is granted to prisoners, and they need input from probation, parole and correctional employees, who have a true understanding of the people in the system that they deal with every single day.”

AFSCME Council 13 urges Pennsylvania’s legislature to hold hearings to review the effectiveness of the current parole system and explore ways to avoid releasing criminals who may threaten the safety of parole officers or anyone else.