Motor Club saves stranded AFSCME member

AFSCME Local 2234 (Kutztown University) member Sandy Himmelreich dropped her sister off at the airport before making a stop for groceries in Fogelsville, Pa., in order to avoid the chaos of Homecoming weekend in Kutztown.

While Sandy shopped, her daughter waited in the car with the battery on so she could listen to music. When Sandy came back out, the battery was dead and the car would not start.

Fortunately, Sandy is enrolled in Union Plus’s Motor Club.

AFSCME Local 2234 (Kutztown University) member Sandy Himmelreich found herself stranded in a grocery store parking lot in Fogelsville, Pa., but she was back on the road in an hour thanks to Union Plus’s Motor Club.

“I called the 800 number and they told me they would let me know when they found someone,” Sandy recalled.

“They called me back 20 minutes later and the service truck arrived about 40 minutes after that. Once he arrived, it took him 30 seconds to get me started. He took pictures of the inside of the door and the dash and we were off.”

Motor Club is a 24-hour roadside assistance program for union families and is just one of many benefits available to AFSCME members. In addition to jump-starting a battery, Motor Club offers emergency towing, tire changing, lockout service, fuel delivery and more!

“I would definitely recommend everyone get this service. I am so happy that service exists for us to utilize!”

For more information and to enroll in Motor Club, click here.