Norristown Codes Department becomes first nationally accredited program in Pennsylvania

The Municipality of Norristown’s Department of Buildings & Code Enforcement recently attained accreditation from the American Association of Code Enforcement (AACE) for its Code Enforcement Program. The Municipality of Norristown is the first in Pennsylvania and the second in the country to receive this distinguished recognition, with the City of Plano, Texas being the first.

This is a major achievement that could not have been reached without the hard work and dedication of members of AFSCME Local 317-I1 (Montgomery County, Municipality of Norristown, Clerical/Technical Unit).

“All of our members are AFSCME Strong. They worked very hard as a team to reach this goal. We hope that it shows our community, our peers and our local leaders how dedicated and proud our people are to serve the municipality of Norristown at the highest level of professionalism possible,” Local 317-I1 member Keith Gordon said.

The Norristown Department of Buildings and Code Enforcement team with Municipal Council.

According to a press release from the Municipality of Norristown, to obtain this accreditation, which is valid for five years, the Norristown Code Enforcement Department completed an assessment and successfully met the required 59 accreditation standards. The accreditation standards review how a department operates and evaluate policies and procedures for functions such as general operations, personnel, case processing, punitive actions, inspections, codes & ordinances, and hearings & appeals.

Council 13 commends and congratulates everyone involved in this great achievement by the Norristown Codes Department and the AFSCME members who made it happen. For more information, click here.