Tom Wolf, Bob Casey win re-election

Governor Tom Wolf and Senator Bob Casey have won their bids for re-election, defeating Scott Wagner and Lou Barletta, respectively.

AFSCME Council 13 proudly supported Wolf and Casey, and looks forward to continuing to work with them to make Pennsylvania a better place for working families and their unions.

Governor Tom Wolf at the AFSCME Council 13 Convention in April 2018.

Senator Bob Casey at the AFSCME Council 13 Convention in April 2018.

John Fetterman, a strong supporter of organized labor, will be joining Wolf in Harrisburg as Lieutenant Governor.

“This was a monumental election for everyone, especially union members. In a time when organized labor is under attack from the state legislature, the Supreme Court and even the White House, it is uplifting to see pro-union candidates like Tom Wolf and Bob Casey bring home decisive wins,” Council 13 Executive Director David Fillman said.

“These wins don’t happen without the dedication of AFSCME members and retirees volunteering to knock on doors to get out the vote for our endorsed candidates. I would like to sincerely thank them on behalf of all Council 13 members.”

Now that the election is over, it is time to hold elected officials accountable for promises made on the campaign trail, and continue to fight to advance the interests of AFSCME members and all working people.

Other notable wins for AFSCME-endorsed candidates include:

  • Conor Lamb in the 17th Congressional District
  • Lindsey Marie-Williams in the 38th Senatorial District
  • Sara Innamorato in the 21st Legislative District
  • Brandon Markosek in the 25th Legislative District
  • Summer Lee in the 34th Legislative District
  • Bob Merski in the 2nd Legislative District
  • Kyle Mullins in the 112th Legislative District
  • Madeleine Dean in the 4th Congressional District
  • Mary Gay Scanlon in the 5th Congressional District
  • Christina Houlahan in the 6th Congressional District
  • Susan Wild in the 7th Congressional District
  • Steve Santarsiero in the 10th Senatorial District
  • Maria Collett in the 12th Senatorial District
  • Steve Malagari in the 53rd Legislative District
  • Liz Hanbidge in the 61st Legislative District
  • Wendy Ullman in the 143rd Legislative District
  • Joseph P. Ciresi in the 146th Legislative District
  • Danielle Otten in the 155th Legislative District
  • Melissa Shusterman in the 157th Legislative District
  • Christina D. Sappey in the 158th Legislative District
  • David M. Delloso in the 162nd Legislative District
  • Kristine C. Howard in the 167th Legislative District
  • Malcolm Kenyatta in the 181st Legislative District
  • Patty Kim in the 103rd Legislative District

Congratulations to all!