Trustmark Voluntary Insurance deduction to be doubled, refunded due to error

The following statement was released by Trustmark. To summarize, an error occurred that will cause a double deduction to be taken from participating employees’ paychecks on the August 2 pay date, which will be refunded. This will only affect the August 2 pay date. Affected employees can expect apology letters and a refund from Trustmark. If you wish to speak with Trustmark about the error, please contact their call center at 866-902-2561. The full statement is as follows:

This correspondence is in reference to the Trustmark optional insurance benefits offered by AFSCME, SEIU Local 668 and UFCW to their union members. While the insurance is a union-sponsored benefit, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania agreed to the use of a payroll slot for the payroll deduction of premium for union members that purchase this insurance. The amounts of deductions are established by a weekly interface file from Trustmark to the SAP payroll system that is updated automatically.

We were recently notified by Trustmark that employees enrolled in the optional union insurance will have an incorrect deduction amount withheld from their paycheck on August 2, 2019. The deduction amount on that pay date will be doubled. The impact is to the August 2nd pay date only as the error was caught and corrected prior to payroll processing for pay date August 16th. Employees paid on August 9th are not impacted at all.

Trustmark is sending out apology letters to the impacted employees, and will be issuing refunds to employees for the extra withholding. Trustmark has equipped their call center to explain the error. We have received confirmation that the error was due to Trustmark processing. All commonwealth processing happened as it should without any delay or error.

If you or any of your members wish to speak with Trustmark about the error, please contact Trustmark’s call center at 866.902.2561.