Update on “Paycheck Protection” bill

Senate Bill 166, a “Paycheck Protection” bill, was advanced by the House of Representatives on Tuesday for a final vote, but that vote has not happened yet.

It is expected that SB 166 will go to the House floor for a vote early next week, and AFSCME Council 13 members should monitor their email for an E-Activist update when action is needed. If you haven’t already signed up for E-Activist, do so now so you can always be informed when your rights are under attack. You will only receive emails when action is needed.

If passed into law, SB 166 would outlaw voluntary, automatically deducted political contributions by union members in Pennsylvania. The cost to taxpayers to make these deductions is next to nothing, and uses the same automatic deduction system that is used to take taxes, Medicare, charitable contributions and insurance payments, out of workers’ paychecks. Ultimately, this is an attempt to weaken unions and take power away from working people.

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