AFSCME Council 13 Scholarship Program

AFSCME Council 13’s Scholarship Program is for Members Only. Scholarships are one-time-only payments, which may be applied toward educational expenses, such as tuition, lodging and books.

2024 Scholarship Program Essay Prompt:

“Evaluate the challenges that organized labor in the United States is likely to face due to rapid technological advancements, particularly in artificial intelligence, and discuss the strategies and adaptations necessary for labor unions to thrive in this evolving landscape. Conclude with your vision of the future of organized labor in the context of technological advancement. Reflect on how organized labor can not only survive but also play a pivotal role in shaping the future of work.”

Download 2024 scholarship information and application here!


AFSCME Council 13’s Member-Only Scholarship Program will award the following:

  1. A total of 48 $500 undergraduate scholarships (6 per District Council).
  2. The top 4 of the 48 will be selected to receive an additional $1,000.
  3. One additional $500 statewide scholarship for a graduate student.


AFSCME Council 13 members in good standing, their children and grandchildren (as well as grandchildren of RPEP members in good standing), who are full-time students enrolled in an accredited program of higher education are eligible to apply for AFSCME Council 13 Scholarships. Sponsors must be active members at the time that the scholarship awards are processed.

How to Apply

  1. Complete the Application Form. Please be sure to enter the Social Security Number (Last 4) of the sponsoring AFSCME or RPEP Member.
  2. Attach a copy of the student’s most recent transcript (high school or college).
  3. Attach an essay completed by the student (typewritten, double-spaced, not to exceed two pages) responding to the above question.
  4. Attach 3 character references who are not family members. Include name, address, phone number and relationship to student.
  5. Mail the completed Application Form, transcript, essay and 3 character references so they are received by July 1, to:

    AFSCME Council 13 Scholarship Program
    150 S. 43rd St., Suite 3
    Harrisburg, PA 17111

Selection of Winners

Winners will be chosen by a Selection Committee comprised of knowledgeable, exemplary individuals. Selections will be final and binding and are NOT subject to appeal.