AFSCME Council 13, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania sign four-year state employee contract

AFSCME Council 13 and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania signed the new state employee contract on August 28, 2019, finalizing the four-year agreement.

Council 13 Executive Director David Fillman and Pennsylvania Secretary of Administration Michael Newsome, as well as Rank-and-File AFSCME members, First-Level Supervisors and representatives from the Commonwealth, signed the Master Agreement and Master Memorandum, making the agreement final.

PA Secretary of Administration Michael Newsome shakes hands with Council 13 Executive Director David Fillman following the contract signing.

A tentative agreement was reached on May 30 after months of negotiations between union representatives and Commonwealth officials. Council 13’s State Policy Committee unanimously approved the agreement, and Commonwealth employees statewide overwhelmingly ratified the agreement. Final vote counts can be found in the Spring 2019 edition of the Council 13 Connection.

The contract, which will expire on June 30, 2023, includes a total of 16.75 percent of wage increases over the four years with no increase in healthcare contributions from employees. The Commonwealth will contribute more toward healthcare costs throughout the term of the contract.

“I want to recognize the rank-and-file AFSCME members from all over Pennsylvania who traveled to Harrisburg for numerous negotiating sessions, which produced this great deal for their fellow Commonwealth employees,” Council 13 Executive Director David Fillman said.