Why Organize

In a world of corporate greed, outsourcing jobs, increased technology and a shrinking middle class, a growing number of workers realize that if they want to gain – or maintain – dignity, respect and fairness in the workplace, they need to join together to form a union.

And while the world of work is changing – so is labor. AFSCME is leading that change. AFSCME members win concrete changes in their workplaces. By joining together to form an AFSCME local, new AFSCME members have won:

  • A strong voice in the workplace
  • Fair grievance procedures
  • Wage increases
  • Benefit improvements
  • Better staffing levels

Choosing AFSCME is the first step to success for many public service employees: AFSCME has the best record in the nation for helping workers secure representation rights by winning representation elections and settling first contracts.

Your right to join a union is protected under the Constitution of the United States. In Pennsylvania, public and private employees’ right to join a union is protected under law. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

For more information email: [email protected]
Or call: 1-800-523-7263