Tentative Agreement Update – July 18, 2023

Following Rank-and-File Negotiators reaching a tentative agreement on Tuesday, July 11, First-Level Supervisors and Council 13’s State Policy Committee (Local Union Presidents) met on July 17 and 18, respectively.

The State Policy Committee recommended an agreement to be sent to the general membership for a ratification vote. This agreement would represent an all-time historic contract for not only AFSCME Council 13, but for any public sector union in the Commonwealth.

Ratification votes will take place within the next two weeks at the local level. These dates, times, and locations are currently being finalized. Be sure to attend your local meetings and ratification vote sessions, and remember, ONLY MEMBERS can cast a ratification vote.

Reach out to your local leadership, staff representative, district council, or contact the Member Resource Center at 1-800-5-AFSCME for more information on how and when voting will take place.

Thank you to everyone involved with this monumental effort to bring home a fair contract for the AFSCME members who make Pennsylvania happen!